Thursday, September 26, 2013

FAA Plans to Implement Common Sense; Allow Electronics during Takeoff and Landings

The AP is reporting that the FAA has recommended that passengers be allowed to use personal electronics during takeoff and landing. The era of ridiculous rules against reading Kindles, listening to music, and taking photos during the best part of the flight may finally be drawing to a close. Electronics would be allowed to be used in airplane mode while the aircraft is under 10,000 feet. That's a great change.

This photo is strictly verboten under the current rules. Hopefully that will change soon!

So far, the recommendation is just that: A recommendation. The FAA still has to act on it. Hopefully, they can get it through whatever process and into action as soon as possible. The AP is reporting that the new rules could take effect by early 2014. It can't come soon enough.

[Source: AP]

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late Summer Evening at Gas Works Park

Located on the north shore of Lake Union in Seattle, Gas Works Park is one of the best parks in Seattle. The park itself is located on the site of an old gasification plant that once turned coal (and later oil) into gas used in lamps. In 1975, after a period of remediation to clean the soil of chemicals, the park opened and since then it has become a perfect companion for a windy day or late summer evening. The location of the park and a prominent hill provides for fantastic views of the city and fairly consistent wind. During the days, the wind draws kite lovers of all ages, while in warm evenings, the hills are full of people enjoying the sunset and view of downtown.

Gas Works Park is located near Fremont, but it is a little bit of a walk away. It is also right on the Burke Gilman Trail, which means easy access by bike (This is the park where I learned to bike!). It is also accessible from downtown by bus route #26 (Map). Want to see what it's like? Check out the photo sphere at the bottom!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Flight Report: Photos from my trip to SBA and Return

The old UA colors. I really liked their own brand better.

UA EMB-120

Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier

From PDX to PHX

In Phoenix (PHX) on the way to Burbank (BUR)

On the way to BUR

A nice little airport, but I wonder if the number of TSA here are justified...

Goleta and Santa Barbara

Solvang from the air

One perfect square of development. Compare that to a similar setting in England...

...That lake looks mighty low. :/

Santa Cruz

The salt ponds near SFO

VX A320 on approach to SFO 28R

Embraer 120 in "Battleship" UA livery

Friday, September 06, 2013

Santa Barbara!

Recently, I was down in Santa Barbara for a few days on business and while I didn't get into the city very much (it's very nice. I've been here before), I did make it a point to try out one the local ice creamery. McConnell's Ice Cream has been around Santa Barbara since 1950, but it looks like the brand has new owners and these owners have a sense about what the current sugar boom is all about. The ice cream joint on State street right downtown has all the feel of the current trendy sugar fix shop. And the ice cream itself is pretty dang good.

I eventually settled on a split scoop of churros con leche and an off menu chocolate toffee flavor. In Seattle, we don't have very many churros available, so get those flavors in ice cream format sounded like a good idea. Overall, it was an excellent combination between the two and the ice cream here was especially rich and creamy.