Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Fridays: Bakery Nouveau in Seattle

One thing I love about travel and just in general is food. All sorts, from restaurants to street food and from molecular gastronomy to freshly picked fruited, it's all good and everywhere you go you find great stuff. 

In Seattle, we have a little taste of Paris called Bakery Nouveau. This little gem is in West Seattle and 15 minutes from downtown by bus, but rivals any bakery in Seattle. They've got plenty of local awards under their belt, but their claim to fame also includes first place in the Coupe du Monde de Boulangerie. 

For New Years, we went all out and got a cake, which was absolutely delicious. If you like chocolate, this cake was very much a death by chocolate experience. However, the bakery is much more than just sweeties and high end cakes like this: It's got everything you could need from croissants to tarts to danishes and sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. 

Many more pictures, after the break!

 The junction is basically eggs, bacon, cheese all on one of their croissants. Delicious, if a little heart unhealthy.

The lemon blueberry croissant you see here is one of their temporary pastries. They enjoy whipping up something new every few weeks based on what's seasonal and what they want to try out.

And yes, you can get the cakes in miniature sizes!

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