Friday, February 21, 2014

Sounds from the Seattle World's Fair: Audio Postcards

A couple weeks ago I picked an awesome set of drinking glasses from the Seattle World's Fair that was held in 1962. The fair gave us our iconic Space Needle, the monorail, and helped put Seattle on the map (literally in many cases). It was supposed to be a preview of our tomorrow in space and what life would be like in Century 21.

It also came with a huge marketing campaign. Movies, commercials, celebrity appearances, and music were all part of a big push to make sure that people actually showed up. As part of this, there was a series of postcard records put out with Century 21 themed songs. When I picked up my glasses, they vendor threw in this one for free:

I had to know what was on it. It turns out that there are bunch of them and thanks to a music fan out of LA, we have a chance to hear them. He's got a description of each track, so be sure to check out his post before you click here to download the ZIP file (thanks Mr Fab!) and take a listen to these pieces of nearly lost music from the fair. The track list is below:
  1. "Invitation To The Fair" - Joe Juma
  2. "World's Fair Seattle" - Billy Earles 
  3. "Summer of '62 - Ronnie Draper and the Fordomatics
  4. "Cafe in The Sky" - Kelly Gates
  5. Gayway Twist" - the Frantics
  6. "Come and See Seattle" - Frank Sugia Trio & Naomi 

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