Friday, June 19, 2015

McDonald's Around the World: Oslo

Lunch time in Norway. I have a long history of seeking out McDonald's when I travel and this time was no exception. Scandinavian menus are pretty standard between Sweden and Norway. They have most of the same things and follow the same general formula: Offer the classic menu, some variant on the Big Tasty, offer cheap cheeseburgers (which is what they sell most of), and then add on a limited time theme menu. It's like when the McRib pops up, but a little more creative.

This time around, they were featuring... 'MURICA!

How could I say no? It's the California menu! I live in Oakland! It's made to be. So, what does California mean to Norwegians? Well, barbeque, "cheddar", and bacon. Overall, not bad, but McDonald's... if you are going to play this game, do it right! Guacamole should be on there instead of barbeque. California is all about the guac!

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