Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What’s it like in a lounge? Continental President’s Club, London Heathrow*

Ever wonder what it’s like in an airport lounge, the land behind those non-descript doors with the receptionist? Well, let me show you one from my travels:
Continental President’s Club, London Heathrow:

This is very early morning in the lounge, which is why no one is here. On the left is the snack bar, which hasn’t been stocked quite yet. Every lounge is slightly different, but this one had some warm pastries and even some eggs to eat.

This time in the distance on the right you’ll see the newspaper rack while the glowing blue near the center column is actually a video game console for the kids.

Here is a shot towards the self-serve bar.

And here is the self-serve refreshments: On the left, orange juice, pineapple juice, and cranberry (I think). Below in the coolers is an assortment of colas, mixers, beer and mineral water.

This lounge also featured a green wall with plant life. I nice touch and something that helps the air quality

Please note: I took these before I thought about starting this blog, so in the future there will be more and better photos when I get to the lounges again!

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