Friday, March 25, 2011

McDonald's Around the World: Stockholm, Breakfast Edition!

In case you missed the previous post, you can see the standard and night menus over here, but this time around I ended up at a McDonalds in time for breakfast on my way to Romme Alpin with some friends. What does a Swedish McDonalds do differently? Well, take a look:

 Yes, Swedish McDonalds offer Swedish pancakes for breakfast! No hotcakes here! I didn't end up getting that this time, but there's some serious localization going on here. See more after the jump!

 Here we have our value meals. Most offer coffee and orange juice and only one comes automatically with hashbrowns. They just aren't the big of a thing here. Most notable for me is the sandwiches: They look fresh and healthy, which can't really be said about any of the offerings that appear on the US menu.

This looks pretty standard as part of their push for the latte market.

And here we have the "extras" menu, or the Swedish dollar menu. What caught my eye here was the McToast. What on earth is that?

 Turns out, this is what it is! Two slices of cheese, one slice of ham, and two hamburger buns flipped upside down! Also, as an update to this, here's a shot of their Swedish Pancakes below!


  1. Well, was the McToast any good? I'm intrigued by the idea of upside down hamburger buns.

  2. Short answer? No. It's about as bland as you can get, and it's the same price as the cheeseburger, which offers much meat and flavor. I just had to get it to see what it was. :)