Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Minutes in North Korea!

Given how little video comes out of North Korea, it's amazing to see a slice of life from there. Steve Gong gives us this insight into the nation, filmed in secret. Apparently the North Koreans aren't up on the latest camera tech, because they didn't know that his Canon 5D could also shoot video. Combined with a little electric tape to cover the screen and some practice focusing blind (something I need to do), this is the result. The full raw footage will be part of a film project, "One Day on Earth", who hired him to go there.

Personally, I would find it completely unnerving to have those video camera guys popping up all over the place around me. There's one at 2:17 filming him and then another 3:45 in a complete different area. Is that just because he's a foreigner, or is that just part of "normal" society?

[Steve Gong via John Herrman]

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