Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Fridays: The Fat Hen

I love small neighborhood centers. In Seattle, like many other places in the nation, many of the smallest neighborhood centers fell victim to changing times. These storefronts are coming alive once again with shops and restaurants that cater to locals and the neighborhood. Since these spaces tend to be in places forgotten and off the main street, rents are cheap and give new restaurateurs and shopkeepers a way to establish themselves without risking everything. Today I tried a restaurant that opened up last November in just such a space, far off the beaten track, called The Fat Hen.

The man above is the man responsible for all this deliciousness. He is from Naples originally and that background gives the menu some of its flavor. We were there for brunch and the baked eggs and the egg sandwich were both light and fresh. The serving was just right and the egg sandwich, which if poorly done comes off as cheap, was really well done: The muffin tasted artisan and fresh while the eggs and Canadian bacon were not greasy or overly runny. The baked eggs also came out with the right firmness and the sausage in the alla boscaiola baked egg dish was fantastic. Looking over the lunch menu, there are a couple of sandwiches that sound like they would hit the spot. You can browse through the menus here to see what catches your fancy.

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