Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New cheap service connects Seattle and Portland for less than $10

Getting to Portland from Seattle is about to get much cheaper. Starting May 17th, passengers will be able to buy ticket on direct express buses for less than $10 a piece. There's even one ticket per bus that is $1, given out at random among the first dozen or so tickets. At $10, it is one third of the price of going with Amtrak.

The coaches are from 2009 and feature extra legroom, wifi, and power outlets on board. Even though the service is run by Greyhound, this is not the standard greyhound experience. For $10, it's hard not to see why you wouldn't want to head down to Portland to visit some coffee shops, check out some of their restaurants like Pok-Pok, or just take a look around.

What's more, their new website hints that a new connection might be in the works. On their destinations page, they show Vancouver BC's skyline with a note that tickets are on sale now. I couldn't find these on the website, but creating a $10 connection to Vancouver will shake up how how often we visit our neighboring cities.

[via Portland Afoot and Puget Sound Business Journal]

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  1. This is good to know that there this kind of transportation. Looking forward to visit that.