Monday, March 05, 2012

Two Portland Coffee Houses

Portland has a great coffee scene, which is undeniable. While I was there recently, I had a change to check out two shops that have been on the edge of trying to get coffee to the next level. Here are two shops that have been making a name for themselves in the coffee scene.

After the break, Public Domain Coffee and Coffeehouse Northwest.

Public Domain Coffee

Public Domain Coffee is located right downtown and the reason I decided to give them a try was to see the Cadillac of espresso machines in action: The Slayer. Built in Seattle, this machine (pictured below) is supposed to be the ultimate espresso machine. It's a serious piece of machinery and two of these cost as much as a Cadillac.


There's a lot of buzz about the machine and with such high expectations, it's almost a given that the experience fell flat. The coffee I had was good, but not great. I also ended up with a 12 ounce latte that diluted the flavor, when an 8 ounce was what I ordered. While Public Domain is good and they take their coffee seriously, it does come with a side of attitude. [Public Domain Coffee]

Coffeehouse Northwest

In contrast, this is my type of place. Coffeehouse Northwest is a small cafe with a great feel to it. The coffee came out just right and with a great, slightly fruity flavor. I'd definitely come back here the next time I'm in town and in the "charmingly questionable stretch of Portland's Champs Élysées"*. [Coffeehouse Northwest]

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