Friday, March 09, 2012

McDonald's Around the World: Breakfast in Kyoto

Awhile back when I was in Japan (which will be the focus of the next couple travel posts), I decided to drop by and try the McHotdog that I saw advertised on the subway. A McHotdog is nothing I would expect to see in the states, so this was perfect to satisfy my curiosity. I waited until we reached Kyoto and since there was a McDonald's on the way to our bed and breakfast, I decided I would swing in and get one.

When I walked up to the counter and tried my best to the little functional Japanese I knew ("McHotdog o kudasai!"), the woman behind the counter started looking a little nervous. After a moment, I figured out what she was trying to tell me: The McHotdog is a breakfast only item. Who knew?

I came back the next day and was successful in my quest to try the creation below. It was actually not that bad, but odd to think that it belongs next to a McMuffin.

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