Friday, October 26, 2012

Iguaçu Falls - Unreal Nature

When this trip was first on the table and we were considering where to go, we originally had no plans to visit Iguacu. Fortunately for us, Argentina charges Americans $160 as a reciprocal fee when entering the country at the two main airports which caused us to look at ways of getting around paying the fee. While researching our options and what flights we could take, I found Iguacu Falls and worked out that visiting Uruguay with a stop in Iguacu was only a little more expensive than flying directly there. Visiting the falls was one of the best choices we made. It put us in contact with an absolutely unreal natural wonder.

Because of time constraints, we only had a single full day at the falls. To do the falls correctly, you are supposed to visit both sides, the Brazilian side (where we visited) and the Argentine side. On arrival, another couple from the United States told us that, "There is absolutely nothing on the Brazilian side!" We were worried that we had made a mistake, since there is a lively debate about which side is best online, but the next day as we walked down to the falls with only two other people there, the unfolding of the falls proved that the couple was way off. If this is "nothing", then what on earth is on the Argentine side? The experience that we had was just about perfect, and brought us out and over the falls itself to be alone with it.

The couple was probably commenting that the majority of the "xtreme" activities were on the other side and there are a few more trails there as well, but with our time limits this was perfect. All this above, however, was "nothing". To us it was an amazing landscape that just kept getting better. After the break, we will take a look at Hotel Cataratas and some more photos and video from the Falls.

We stayed at the Hotel Cataratas, which is located inside the national park. The hotel is expensive but for the price you gain access to the park and the water falls before they open up to the public in the morning. If you head to the falls after waking up (and before breakfast), you will be there with only a few others. The hotel is very nice and the restaurant on the grounds is either a la carte or a buffet. The buffet was actually good overall, especially considering that that included the grill (where the only option you need to worry about is "Lomo", or tenderloin). The pool is beside the restaurant and a refreshing and relaxing option day or night. Champagne breakfast is included in the price of the stay, as is a pair of Havaniana flip-flops that await you in your room. Amazingly, three out of the four pairs that they left for my party fit perfectly (and the other one you can swap out for the right size).

Iguacu falls was simply unforgettable. To stand with white roaring curtains of water all around and under you, alone in the early morning is simply one of the experiences that feels unreal.

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