Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late Summer Evening at Gas Works Park

Located on the north shore of Lake Union in Seattle, Gas Works Park is one of the best parks in Seattle. The park itself is located on the site of an old gasification plant that once turned coal (and later oil) into gas used in lamps. In 1975, after a period of remediation to clean the soil of chemicals, the park opened and since then it has become a perfect companion for a windy day or late summer evening. The location of the park and a prominent hill provides for fantastic views of the city and fairly consistent wind. During the days, the wind draws kite lovers of all ages, while in warm evenings, the hills are full of people enjoying the sunset and view of downtown.

Gas Works Park is located near Fremont, but it is a little bit of a walk away. It is also right on the Burke Gilman Trail, which means easy access by bike (This is the park where I learned to bike!). It is also accessible from downtown by bus route #26 (Map). Want to see what it's like? Check out the photo sphere at the bottom!


  1. Hey SeattleFlyerGuy!

    We just came across your blog and love what we see! Gas Works Park is easily one of our favorite parks in Seattle, too. The view of the city across Lake Union is spectacular!

    We're excited to dig deeper into your blog.

    Have a great day!

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