Monday, April 07, 2014

Flight Report: Seattle to Boston with a Flightlapse

The best part of the new rules that allow electronics is that in most cases, it means I can have my cameras out at all times on the flight. This is fantastic and I have been able to get some great shots as a result, as well as more fully realizing the whole "flightlapse" idea. This trip was on a United 757-200 from SEA to ORD and then onward to BOS. My last few flights have not been all that great for the views due to them being mainly at night or winter weather, but this time around the weather was about perfect and the camera was rolling throughout the trip.

While taxiing to the runway, I got sight of two interesting planes. The first below is a Hainan Airlines 787. I still have not been on one of those yet, but I am looking forward to it sometime soon. It is just a beautiful plane and I want to see the wings in action first hand (there's a good video of the flex here and another that shows how the wings are articulated here and here).

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