Monday, October 18, 2010

Next stop: Seattle!

My current round of classes are just about to finish up, and this weekend I'm headed back to Seattle for the first time in about three months. Most people that I meet while traveling have absolutely no idea where Seattle is I've had lots of opportunities to perfect relating Seattle's mysterious location. Right now, it's pretty easy:

  • For most people: "You know Vancouver where they had the Olympics? I'm about two hours from there to the south."
  • For Swedes: "Starbucks. Microsoft. Fraiser. Up in the corner on the far side of the US."
  • For people from Kansas: "You stole our basketball team."
  • And my favorite, for Japanese, "Ichiro."
This trip should be fun, but it involves a lot of travel. Although you can get routings that are under 12,000 miles (and about 10 hours each way), I will be flying the long way through Houston for more than 2,000 additional miles in the air, for a total of 13,998 miles for the entire round trip! In total, between Thursday and Tuesday, I will spend 1.7 days in transit and nearly 32 hours of that in the air.


I'll have more updates once I'm on my way, but for now here's 40 seconds of Seattle:

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