Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am craving some kebab, so I'm going to Istanbul... I need the 3,000 elite qualifying miles.

Tomorrow afternoon, I head to Istanbul for the weekend for a quick tour of the city and a lot of hunting for the best food I can find. On the list of things to get are kebab, baklava, ayran, "wet burgers", turkish "tacos", and breakfast in Taksim. I'll be flying on Turkish Airways for the first time (although not by choice: I was supposed to fly with them to Shanghai via Istanbul earlier this year but a certain small northern country got in the way), and this will be my first time to Turkey. I'm sure they'll welcome me with open arms after I part with $20 for the visa sticker.

I'm very much looking forward to experiencing the culture and seeing some sights that have fascinated me for a long time, such as Hagia Sophia and the Bazaars. On here, I will be posting a sneak peek into the lounges at the airports, some foodie images (including in flight meals), and a few select shots from my time there.


  1. did you need to get a visa in advance or just buy it before you arrived or after you got there?

  2. As a US citizen, there is no need to get a tourist visa ahead of time. You get them at the airport BUT they cost $20 USD or 15 Euro cash. Some other travellers were telling me that they had to wait and ended up paying twice or trice that, but it was unclear if that's because of where they're from or if there are some shady agents there.