Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flight Report: The Stockholm-Istanbul-Athens-Stockholm Loop

A week and a half ago, I headed back to Istanbul for a couple days before heading on to Greece for the first time. Of course, with that comes some flights and here's a quick photo set from the five flights. More flights on Lufthansa, although mysteriously I received flight credit for these flights, despite the fact that they were booked in the L and E fare buckets which aren't supposed to give any. I won't be looking that gift horse in the mouth..

Stockholm - Istanbul via Munich
Stockholm to Munich (Lufthansa):
The first flight and very good weather. The view of Stockholm is always nice and now the ground is bright green, from all the plants (which are also blooming for allergy sufferers). A standard flight, with a sub par meal: It felt like they rushed it out so they didn't have time to cook. The result was what can be seen after the break....
Arlanda, Stockholm's Airport
 Four and a half more flights after the break, along with inflight meals...

ARN-MUC: Economy: Not-quite cooked calzone
Munich to Istanbul (Lufthansa):
Munich isn't a place that I fly through too frequently, so it was nice to see it and see the countryside near the airport. While climbing I shot a photo of some odd mounds, which were rather interesting. The meal was better and one of the menus that seems to be gaining popularity: Red curry chicken. I've had the same thing on a SAS flight out of ARN, so it must be getting pretty common now.

What is that mound thing over to the left?

MUC-IST: Economy on Lufthansa: Red Curry Chicken
Istanbul to Athens (Aegean)
Our flight a few days later was on Aegean, which was the first time I've flow with them. They seemed nice enough (and the cabin crew, all women, looked like they dressed more like they did in 60s than today's airlines), but the drink service took a long time. We were on final descent and they were still picking up items.

Aegean: IST-ATH: Economy: Lamb with Orzo. Overall pretty good!

Greece, along with sailboats down there in the water

Athens to Stockholm via Frankfurt
Athens to Frankfurt
Goodbye to Greece! By the time the flight took off, we had already been traveling for 18 hours (Greek ferries... I can't recommend them. Fly to the islands instead!) so not too many pictures from here, but at least I nabbed the meals.

Lufthansa: ATH-FRA: Pasta with Red Sauce. Seemed like there were extra olives, too.
 Frankfurt to Stockholm
Lufthansa: FRA-ARN: Now here's something a little different! A chicken wrap with pickled vegetables. Not bad at all.

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