Friday, June 17, 2011

Food Fridays: Greek Cuisine Sampler

From my recent trip to Greece, a couple bites from Athens, Milos, and Santorini!

First stop: Athens for some Loukoumades! These are basically Greek donuts with honey and a little bit of cinnamon. There are a couple different styles, ranging from these (the best we had) which are a little more crunchy to ones that are more like regular donuts to loukoumades that may as well be called frybread with honey. Doris was well worth the visit.
Loukoumades in Athens
Doris: Delicious! 
 More after the break...

"To the arcopolis?" "No! To DORIS for loukoumades!": This is what happened to me.
Pollonia, Milos: Chocolate "pie" and Baklava. These were found on the island of Milos. The chocolate "pie" was as rich as you can get, and the shop (whose name I am unsure of) has a pretty wide selection of handmade foods and local honey. Very good! The baklava was very good, and from the local corner bakery (although I don't think they make their own).

Fira, Santorini: Pastitsio and Lemon Chicken from Nikolas Taverna in Fira. Traditional Greek dishes, including a pasta with a b├ęchamel based top which is much like a rich lasagna. Lemon chicken is... well, lemon chicken! Nothing fancy, but a lot of Greek cooking is about the basics. 

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