Friday, July 29, 2011

McDonald's Around the World: Russia!

While in Russia, I had to take the opportunity to stop by the McDonald's located a block from Red Square and about 500 feet from their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It's slightly ironic that this McDonald's is within sight of where the line for Lenin's Mausoleum forms.

 Want to see the menu of Макдональдс and the local Russian menu adapation, the Beef ala Rus? All that is after the break.

Combinations meals, just like everywhere else.

Chicken Bacon "Lux"

The price for a Big Mac is listed here: 77r  or $2.74 for the sandwich alone

Happy Meals in Russia

This was shot actually in St. Petersburg, but everything looks normal here. Bilinis are on the menu, but take a look in the lower left...

биф а-ля рус = Beef ala Rus! A local "invented here" Burger.

And here it is! Overall, not McDonald's strongest burger ever. The bun is nice, but the rest is fairly standard.

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