Friday, July 08, 2011

Tom Stuker hits 10,000,000 miles with United today

10,000,000 miles. That is an amazing amount of miles to rack up, and those are flown miles, not redeemable frequent flyer miles!

"As United's most-frequent flyer, Stuker is the airline's first customer since the program launched in 1981 – and perhaps the first traveler ever – to fly 10 million miles. To equal his feat, a traveler could circle the globe 400 times, fly to the moon and back 20 times, or fly roundtrip between United's largest hubs in Houston and Chicago about 5,400 times."

Crazy. In 2009, he flew 700,000 miles, and here I am working on 50,000 miles with my flight today from Ulaanbaatar back to Sweden. It gives you some perspective...

Via msnbc and United

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