Saturday, December 01, 2012

McDonald's Around the World: Non-Kosher Buenos Aires McDonald's

Last time, we saw the world's only kosher McDonald's outside of Israel, but this time we will be looking at the regular McDonald's in Buenos Aires. I present to you, Cono Oreo!

Cono Oreo!

McDonald's desserts at the Albasto de Buenos Aires Mall
The dessert menu is the pretty standard mix at most of the McDonald's. We have your McFlurry, sundae, and the cono oreo. The cono oreo was alright, but the chocolate flavor came across as burnt. The dulce de leche sundae was far more successful, with a smoother and richer caramel flavor. Argentine is also one of the countries that has been trying out the McCafe. While the McCafe brand is common place in the US, in Argentine (and other places) the McCafe stands out as it's own space inside the restaurant. Here, they offered a range of both coffee drinks and traditional cafe treats like macaroons, cakes, and the ever present alfajore. I opted in the end for a simple McFrappe with dulce de leche.

Alfajores! Delicious!

This is no LaDuree.

Assorted treats at the McCafe by the obelisk in Buenos Aires

McFrappe + Subte
Aside from the treats, we also have the South American menu. For this menu, we are at the McDonald's directly beside the Obelisk in the heart of Buenos Aires. There are a couple of things different from the US menu, but most of it is pretty recognizable. We have the Triple Mac, the CBO (which is now being run in the US after years of it being available abroad), the McRoulette, the McNifica (which I tried in Rio de Janerio), the renamed quarter and double quarter pounders, the Cuartro con Queso. They also had the premium "Angus" burger line up available.

Overall, the menu didn't hold too many local surprises except for the local focus on dulce de leche and a couple burgers with interesting names. Too bad! I was hoping for something a little more exciting! If you are interested in checking out the whole line up, end to end, check out McDonald's website for Argentina!

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