Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flight Report: Buenos Aires to Seattle

Every trip comes to an end. We had a whirlwind trip that took us from Rio de Janerio to Buenos Aires, with side trips to Iguazu Falls and Uruguay. It's been a fantastic trip and for our trip back, we ended up flying in First on United.

The airport, EZE, is well outside of the city. There is no rail connect to the airport, so your options are to take a cab or take the bus. Buses can be extremely inexpensive, but they do take longer (up to two hours) and are not as easy. Some buses are semi-express to BA, while others are local buses. A taxi ride will run about $30, which is cheap when traveling with other people. We took a taxi, which was the right choice. We ran into traffic and would have been late if we had chosen to take the bus.

We didn't have too long, but we did take a swing through the United Club here at EZE. It's fairly basic and a little cramped, but it gave us a quick place to rest and refresh before getting on the plane.

Once on board, we took out seats in first class and settled in. While we were boarding, we spent the last of our pesos on an Oreo alfajor. Alfajores were one of the surprises of the trip, and we couldn't miss the opportunity for one last one.

Once aloft, we didn't have much to see out the window. This was the last view of Buenos Aires we had. Overall, the flight was pretty good. The United BusinessFirst seats are all lie-flat with personal AVOD. After a brief layover, we were again in the air back to Seattle. The skies there were sunny and we were treated with a view of Mt. Rainier as we were coming in. There's nothing better than that when coming in to Seattle.

After the break, we have our inflight first class meals on the Buenos Aires to Houston leg. Keep reading for the details!

The meal service was pretty good: Shrimp appetizer with garlic bread, a salad, and a beef dish. Coming from Argentina, I was expecting the meat to be a little better. The breakfast was a little on the bland side, but the alternative was an omelet.

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