Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boston's Neptune Oyster

So, I didn't care to much for this trip to Boston, but that doesn't mean everything was horrible.

Just look at that lobster roll. Hot buttered lobster. Delicious!

This is the type of lobster that is hard to come by in Seattle and that you wouldn't really see on the menu in the same format. This particular roll comes from Neptune Oyster, which has a near perfect rating on yelp. The restaurant itself retains a bit of classic 1920s charm while serving up some fantastic seafood. The raw bar served up some of the largest prawns I've ever seen (below) and the sandwich above would be welcome for just about any meal. It is a rich, decadent sandwich that I would actually recommend you split between two people (Half a sandwich is just about a perfect amount. More risks lobster overload).

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