Sunday, May 25, 2014

Much ado about Boston

I almost always have something good to say about a place, but I have to admit that I'm a little ambivalent about Boston. Perhaps it was the biting cold weather and time of year or perhaps it was the relatively short period of time that I had there, but I don't have much to recommend for Boston besides some really good lobster rolls. Even the skybar was ho-hum compared to many that I've been to (and there are some very meh skybars out there).

First the facts: Boston is one of the birthplaces of the nation and there is a lot of history embedded within the main downtown city itself. The back bay neighborhood, as much as it is a commercial strip today, is also an excellent example of late 19th century brick work and urban design. There are prestigious universities (Cambridge) and classic institutions, such as Fenway Park, throughout. There is also the Boston Commons, which for some reason I thought would be larger. The Boston subway system includes the oldest subway segment in North America, which is always nice for a transit nerd like myself. There ARE nice things there, but...

...I don't know. I obviously didn't go to the right parts of Boston and the well-below-freezing weather probably didn't help either. Next time I'll try the summer. At least the food is good.

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