Thursday, May 29, 2014

Classic Modern Pastries in Boston

Seattle doesn't have much of an Italian community. At least not in the same way that you find on the east coast.* While here in Boston, I had to try Modern Pastry Shop to get a taste of what I was missing. The shop itself is located in the old Italian community in the North End. This area is the older part of town and while there is a lot of history here, it is pretty obvious that the narrow streets and twisting roads that are today popular again for their charm were once written off as "obsolete" and in need of urban renewal.

The interior doesn't seem like it has changed much in a long time. The shop itself has been there for over 70 years, but the pastry chefs have, according to their website, been making pastries for over 150 years. I'm happy to say that the cannoli live up to the expectation: The sweet ricotta was perfectly balanced and who doesn't like pistachio?

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