Sunday, April 15, 2012

Found: Snuff is missing in Stockholm

Translated from above...

Snuff has been missing since Wednesday, August 31st.

He started the evening together with a friend, Rolf, at the Green Hunter. They drank quite a number of shots. Rolf got very wasted and started to get a little out of control. Among other things, he grabbed a woman's breast. All of this is according to other guests. Snuff left Rolf there and took a taxi to the central city. During the entire ride he loudly sang Danny Saucedo's song "In the Club". The taxi driver felt that the situation was festive, but also intimidating. At 11:55pm he was dropped off at Stureplan. All this according to Taxi Kurir. Shortly afterwords he was seen together with a powerfully built man with a Yugoslavian appearance in the bar at Scandic Anglais. They laughed loudly several times. All this according to the bar employees. At 1:46am Snuff called me. I got the feeling that he was happy but at the same time scared. I heard screeching tires in the background. Afterward the call was disconnected. Since then I haven't heard or seen Snuff. His mobile phone is turned off.

Last Friday was the start of the quarter for gymnastics. I had hoped that he would have turned up then. He loves gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics. But unfortunately he didn't come.
Snuff is social and very talkative. Except that he suffers from mythomania, that is he is a compulsive liar. He is absolute no threat to other people. At the time that he disappeared Snuff didn't have any clothes on.

If you've seen Snuff, talked with him, know the powerfully built Yugoslavian, or have any other clues please contact me at or contact the the police.

All tips are of interest! Reward!

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