Friday, April 20, 2012

Recovering a Blog Post on Blogspot

In celebration of recovering my post on Tomsk, here are some photos from the street market in Tomsk, which is in the middle of Siberia.

This is really just a PSA on how to quickly recover a blog post on blogger if you accidentally delete a post. I recently lost my post on Tomsk due to a bug in the blogger editor revolving around the undo command, and while I had a backup I was hoping their was an easier way. Thankfully, there is!

1. Take the title of your post.
2. Enter the title in Google.
3. Mouse over the arrow beside the search entry for your post and access the cached version by clicking, "cached" on the right side of the scree.
4. Open up the source code (ctrl+u), and copy your post out of the body of the code.
5. Paste it back into the editor here and update the post.


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