Monday, April 02, 2012

UW Cherry Blossoms 2012

This weekend I went up to the University of Washington to visit the quad and take in the cherry trees there. Every campus has a particular place that is special to all its students, faculty, and alumni and this is definitely it for the UW. The yoshino cherry trees there were a senior gift to the university from the class of 1959 and have been part of the school since they were planted in 1964. Every year they bloom around spring break and signal that summer is almost here.

 After the break much more from this year's cherry blossoms!

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  1. The trees were planted in the fall of my sophomore year at the UW --- little skinny things, around five feet tall. I was spending a whole lot of time in Commons (in the basement of one of the buildings on the quad, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes (So cool, then --) and being really really intellectual.