Monday, December 02, 2013

250 posts!

This is the 250th post on this blog! It's been a looong time since I my first post where I set forth a modest agenda of cataloging my flights and some of my trips. It's been over three years, in fact!

Let's see where we've been!

  1. The very first post!
  2. Istanbul!
  3. Seattle!
  4. Berlin!
  5. Amsterdam! (and this post with one of my most popular pictures)
  6. Oman!
  7. Dubai!
  8. Istanbul again!
  9. Greece!
  10. Russia!
  11. Mongolia!
  12. Vegas!
  13. Portland, OR!
  14. Bainbridge Island!
  15. Los Angeles!
  16. Chicago!
  17. Rio de Janeiro!
  18. Iguacu Falls!
  19. Buenos Aires!
  20. New York!
  21. Sweden!
...and many more to come..

The 250 Dutch Gulden image is courtesy of

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